Python Tools

Python Interpreter

Copying code without the >>> and ...

For Python 2.x, you can use IPython that will let you change your prompts or copy using the %hist command. It should be possible to program most IDEs with a command to clean this up. You can also use search and replace.


  • An interactive Python environment
  • Doesn't currently support 3.x and according to the roadmap, it may take a while
  • TODO: Add more detail about what exactly it can do.

Virtual Env

  • Allows you to install a library with its own set of dependencies so that they don't clash

Setup Tools

  • Tools to manage building, installing, upgrading and removing packages.


  • Tools for deploying applications, including third-party components.

Console websites

  • Sometimes it is convenient to be able to run Python code through a website. There is a list here.
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